Q: I’m a US citizen, can I buy LAT?
A: Yes, U.S. citizens are allowed to contribute. Details: https://blog.latoken.com/latoken-opens-up-for-us-investors-8efd89f594c2

Q: How can I buy LAT?
a) Please, push “wallet” in the top right corner: https://sale.latoken.com/
b) Sign in to wallet.latoken.com  
c) Push "wallet" in the top corner of the dashboard (a bar on the left side).
d) Fill in all the boxes and follow the instructions (check the screenshot in the bottom).
e) You’ll need to transfer ETH from your ETH wallet to your LAToken wallet.
Don’t forget to send transaction DATA. 

Q: When I log in to LAT wallet nothing happens... What should I do?
A: Login window disappears in 5-30 seconds after you're successfully authorized.
If nothing happens –  check your Internet connection; refresh the page (Ctrl+F5 or Cmd+Shift+R for Mac); try again. 

Q: I’ve sent my ETH twice with the same DATA, what shall I do?
A: It is ok, but one of the transactions will be executed later (2-3 days)

Q: Can I buy LAT by transferring ETH from exchanges?

A: No, you need to transfer from your ETH wallet using transaction DATA.  

Q. Is LAT an ERC20 token?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: I can’t find LAT on exchanges, why?
A: Will are in the process of listing on several exchanges including the top ones. 

Q: After making a contribution in ETH, I see only “pending” status in my LAT wallet… Is it OK?
a) Double check all steps in "How can I buy LAT?" question (see above).
b) Make sure you’ve made a transfer from ETH wallet to your LAToken wallet (using transaction DATA) via https://etherscan.io/  (check txhash).
c) Wait at least several hours after contributing. ETH transactions sometimes have delays.
d) In other cases pls contact Support Team directly: @paveloskov in Telegram or @pavel in Slack.

Q: Explain why LAToken is a promising project.
a) LAToken platform is already operational: feel free to buy tokenized shares, oil and gold futures.
b) We already have lists of partners, buyers & sellers ready to onboard.
c) LAToken already has  3.000+ contributors (by 5 Sept. 2017).
d) LAToken has a world class team & advisors, including:  
Cecilia Mueller Chen (former COO of UBS, Chief Compliance Officer at China Construction Bank and Chief Regulatory Officer at Deutsche Borse)
MikeJones (Former CEO, MySpace )
Anish Mohamed (Hyperloop and HSBC advisor),
David Drake (LDJ Capital & LDJ Real Estate);  
Ismail Malik (Blockchain Lab chairman);  

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